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relaxation hypnosis

This service begins with a 30-45 minute live chat consultation and is available to both men & women. A personalized relaxation hypnosis designed to help you reduce stress response symptoms, release tension, reduce headaches, feel more relaxed and sleep better. Once we set up a scheduled appointment, a link will be emailed to you a few minutes prior to your scheduled consultation. We will be able to chat "in real" time so you can tell me what your specific issue is. This will help me understand what you're needs are for your customized relaxation hypnosis. You will be able to decide whether or not you would like to include background music or nature sounds, any specific wording, whether you would like me to use your name in the audio, and imagery you enjoy best. I will then create your relaxation hypnosis that will be professionally recorded according to your needs and requirements. Regular daily use of your customized audio will produce the greatest results.


This is not a generic hypnosis. I create a customized session entirely from scratch according to your specifications and preferences. Your finished product will be emailed to you as an MP3 file within 5 -7 business days. You are allowed one revision within 24 hours for a volume adjustment of the background track if needed.

customized relaxation hypnosis

(available for both men and women)

$125.00 CAD

(plus applicable taxes)

service pricing

20210210_110308[76] (4).jpg

It would be an honor to create a customized relaxation hypnosis tailored-made exclusively for you to enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Joanne D'Amico RN (non-practicing)

Your Certified Hypnotist

from National Guild of Hypnotists

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