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Stressed Woman

women and stress

According to the American Psychological Association, women of all ages appear to be experiencing much higher levels of stress than men these days. Women are pursuing their education and careers, raising a family, juggling schedules while managing child-care and elder care. Some women struggle with financial issues and experience inequalities in their work place. They have to balance their work and family life and try to find time to take care of themselves while still fulfilling their role as a mother, wife and daughter.


When you're really stressed, you may experience tension headaches, pain, fatigue, insomnia, inability to focus, brain fog, irritability, and upset stomach. Research studies show how chronic long-term stress can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, accelerated aging and premature death. To stay healthy and well, it is important that women make relaxation a part of their routine and learn new ways of managing stressful situations.


Hypnosis can help you do this in two ways. One way hypnosis can be used is to help you relax deeply. This elicits the relaxation response which brings the body and stress hormones back to balance. When done on a regular basis, this helps counteract the negative impact of chronic stress. The second way hypnosis can be used is to access the unconscious mind. Through the use of positive suggestions, hypnosis helps reprogram unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that help relieve the amount of stress you feel when you encounter challenging situations. Most importantly, hypnosis can help you feel more content and at ease in your daily life.

common daily stressors

There are many stressors in life that may trigger stress. Some stressors are events or situations that happen "to" you. These are known as "external" stressors. Others seem to originate from "within" and are classified as "internal" stressors. This is when stress is self-induced by how you perceive and react to situations based on your personality, attitude and beliefs. 

work stressors

  • job dissatisfaction

  • long work hours

  • too much responsibility

  • poor management

  • workplace harassment

  • toxic workplace

  • fear of termination

  • unrealistic work duty expectations

life stressors

  • death of a loved one

  • divorce

  • loss of job

  • financial debt

  • moving 

  • getting married

  • illness or injury

  • caregiving responsibilities

  • single parenting

  • relationship difficulties

  • abuse

internal stressors

  • tendency to worry 

  • fear of uncertainty

  • thought distortions

  • attitudes & perceptions

  • limiting beliefs

  • unrealistic expectations

  • anxiety & depression

  • low self-esteem

  • negative self-talk

imagine what it'd  be like

Listening to Music
  • To be in control in stressful situations

  • To feel calm and relaxed

  • To have less muscle tension

  • To sleep better

  • To get along better with family and friends

  • To be in a better mood

  • To get sick less often

say good-bye to stress!

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