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custom hypnosis audios
for women
relaxation hypnosis

Customized hypnosis recordings for the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction and to help you learn ways to better manage your symptoms of anxiety and stress. I offer a personalized process that integrates techniques of relaxation, breathing and visualization to help you deeply relax, release tension, quiet your mind and to sleep deeply and restfully.  

While in this deeply relaxed state, I offer hypnotic suggestions to help reprogram any unhelpful thoughts, negative attitudes and self-limiting beliefs that may be contributing to the amount of stress you feel when you encounter stressful situations. 

Through this personalized approach, I will design a custom hypnosis recording tailored specifically for you according to your needs, goals and requirements! Whether to support restful sleep, to provide anxiety and stress relief, or to help overcome stress related behaviors like nail biting or overeating, you'll be able to enjoy your hypnosis session any time you want in the comfort of your own home and as often as you need. 



My name is Joanne and I am the founder of the YouTube channel "relax for a while" where I help thousands of listeners fall asleep at night. I create customized hypnosis recordings specifically for women to provide stress relief, to support restful sleep and to help facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or to book a consultation. I look forward to speaking with you! 


Joanne D'Amico RN (np),RMT CH

Certified Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists

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